Aluminum and Glass Fitters

At Alkaas we provide a group of highly trained aluminum fitters who are experts in Glass and Aluminum cladding. Aluminum is often chosen as the optimal material for building cladding for economical, functional and aesthetical reasons. The majority of aluminum cladding for the building industry is pre-coated in coil prior to cladding panel manufacturing. A coating is applied to the aluminum via the coil coating method. This creates a protective layer on the underlying material that protects it against environmental factors. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that is durable, corrosion resistant and 100% recyclable. In this way, the product is made to last the lifetime of the building and beyond. The use of aluminum cladding contributes to green building design by enabling high ratings in the energy efficiency of building. We understand the role of aluminum and glass in the UAE construction scene and hence we train our workers for this specific purpose.

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