Frequently Asked Questions

What is Manpower Supply?

Manpower in general is the amount of labour employed to perform a job. Manpower supply is the service of providing the right people for the right job for temporary basis. Sometimes it is more beneficial for large companies to outsource labour force instead of hiring their own labours. This is where the role of manpower supply comes in. A manpower supply company identifies the special skills set required by their clients and caters them by providing the right manpower with the necessary skill set. Companies employing the help of Manpower supply can see an increase in productivity and can cut cost by reducing risk of manpower accumulation.

What are the categories of labour provided by Alkaas Manpower?

At Alkaas Manpower we have the resources to provide our clients with almost all types of manpower. No matter what category of job you have in hand we have the personnel to help you to do it. The main categories of labours we have are as follows,

– Construction Workers
– Industrial Workers
– Pest Control Services
– Facility Service Workers
– Logistic Service Workers
– Office Support Staff

In order to know more details and find the sub-categories please visit the service page.

What are the benefits of hiring temporary staff for a company?

In UAE an employment visa is for a minimum period of 2 years. The cost of taking a visa for employment is also expensive. When a company needs additional labour force hiring permanent staff is also a time consuming affair.

Alkaas Manpower supply can directly help to increase your productivity, by adding more quality worker to your workplace that can fasten up the task quickly for short term and long term work.

We can assure you that we have sufficient workers and those workers will not get overloaded with assigned work because of the availability of the extra amount of manpower to handle the tasks.

What are the different types of industries that hire temporary staff?

Companies, small and large are looking to meet the rising workload using manpower supply

Some of the major sectors which employ Manpower Supply Services are.

– Construction
– Oil and Gas
– Healthcare
– Packaging
– Logistics
– Office and Industrial Support
– Manufacturing Companies

How efficient are the workers provided by Alkaas Manpower?

At Alkaas Manpower we have both Skilled and Semi-Skilled Workers. We have a well-trained
and experienced labour force that can help any industry improve its productivity.

The workers supplied by Alkaas Manpower are of which nationality?

We have workers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

What are the types of Add-on services provided by Alkaas Manpower?

In addition to Manpower Supply Services we also provide our Clients with a host of add-on
services including accommodation, transportation, food facilities, uniforms, tools, RT-PCR testing etc.

How is work time calculated by Alkaas Manpower?

Work time will be calculated on Hourly basis, Daily basis, and Monthly basis as per the request
of clients.

What are the safety precautions undertaken by Alkaas Manpower for their workers?

At Alkaas manpower we always prioritize the safety of our workers. We provide our workers with.

Health and Safety training
PPE kits
RT-PCR tests

What are the rates for different type of laborers provided by Alkaas Manpower?

Different jobs require different skill set and because of that the rates also vary. The rates will also depend upon the length of the project and the quantity of the labours required. For a better understating call our sales team now. Contact Us

Who are some of the major clients of Alkaas Manpower?

Arabian Construction Co. LLC – Abu Dhabi, Al Rostamani Pegel – Dubai, Al Ghurair Construction Aluminium LLC – Dubai, China State Construction Engineering Corporation – Dubai, Henkel Polybit Industries LTD – Umm Al Quwain, Ginco Contracting Co L.L.C – Sharjah, Harwal group – Sharjah.

How can I become an employee with Alkaas Manpower?

Please send in your CV at, or contact any of our recruitment agents. For more info please Contact Us

What is the total quantity of workers at Alkaas Manpower?

At Alkaas manpower we have more than 1,800+ workers in our roster.

How can one become a sub-contractor of Alkaas Manpower?

Please contact us on 065571160 and send your company profile at