Site Supervisors

We have experienced site supervisors who are trained in the following:-

    • Supervising workers, subcontractors and work activities.
    • Preparing and presenting site inductions, safety briefings and toolbox talks.
    • Assessing and managing safety hazards.
    • Ensuring appropriate site rules and welfare facilities are in place.
    • Carrying out regular inspections.
    • Helping project managers to plan the work program.
    • Helping co-ordinate deliveries of materials, plant and equipment.
    • Completing records for site reports.
    • Attending site management meetings.
    • Carrying out regular inspections to ensure compliance with relevant legal requirements, processes and procedures.
    • Raising safety concerns at the appropriate level.
    • Resolving problems and implementing improvements.
    • Organizing and overseeing external inspections, such as with a health and safety inspector.
    • Providing emergency first aid if required.
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